Executive Producers - Suzi Jamil and Desh Amila

Suzi and Desh are the founders of Think Inc. a young, Australia-based initiative dedicated - quite simply - to the promotion of intellectual discourse via world-class events. Think Inc. was brought to life from a desire to challenge intellectual comfort, and a thirst for democratising the dialogue between society's innovators and the people who benefit from them. It is a platform to promote big ideas, stimulate and engage independent, rational thinking, and celebrate scientific discovery. Think Inc. has hosted thinkers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Steve Wozniak, Edward Snowden, Brian Greene and more.

Director - Jay Shapiro

Jay Shapiro is an award winning documentary filmmaker based in New York. While earning his degree at Clark University, he was awarded a fellowship to produce a documentary in West Africa entitled Like Me, I am Here. Over the next decade of working in the film industry, his work has enjoyed success in prestigious film festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival, Tribeca, Riverrun, and DOC NYC. His major directorial debut, Opposite Field, followed the journey of the first African team to play in the Little League World Series. It was purchased by Netflix for digital distribution and has been shown on television markets around the world. It was featured in the New York Times, ABC, ESPN, and CNN International. He recently directed a feature length documentary about the complexities of international law shot in eleven countries entitled ALL RISE which was privately screened at the United Nations.